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    I recently began evaluating your data grid as my organization is considering wpf for some upcoming projects.

    So far it is meeting all my requirements out of the box except my need to lock columns/rows in the view and allow the remaining area to scroll independently.

    I saw a post back in February on this same topic, but it was only responded to by a “stay tuned”. Do you have any more information on this subject to offer such as when we might be able to expect such functionality?

    It really is the only api limitation that is preventing me from moving forward aggresively with your control.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    I am also open to any recommended workarounds I might try in the current version.

    Thank You,

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    Odi [Xceed]
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    In version 1.1 that is coming in early May, Fixed column support is provided, you can either indicate which columns to freeze in code, or your users can do it by dragging a widget in the column header section. (Note: We may reserve this new feature along with a couple of new themes, for Vanguard subscribers, though all other features, including the new collection view and noticeably enhanced performance, will still be made available for free in v1.1 and provided as a free update to all registered users.)

    For locking rows, you can already achieve this in v1.0 by place rows and items into the fixed header and/or fixed footer areas of the views. (Example: The column header and group-by rows are placed in there).


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