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    I am attempting to get some xceed methods to work on a Windows 8 machine.
    I have a vs 2008 project and I have added in the libaries in as com.
    Xceed Encryption Libary 1.1 (TypeLib version 1.1)
    Xceed Streaming Compression Library 1.1 (TypeLib version 1.1)
    Xceed ZipCompression Library v6.5  (TypeLib version 5.5)
    All of the references were added throught the com window in Visual Studio so they are registered.
    I’m am compiling it as an x86 apps

    This works
    XceedBWTCompressionMethodClass x = new XceedBWTCompressionMethodClass();
    This works
    XceedEncryptionLib.XceedEncryption decrypt = new XceedEncryptionLib.XceedEncryptionClass();
    This trows a COM exception
    XceedZipLib.XceedZipClass zip = new XceedZipLib.XceedZipClass();

    The com error is as follows.
    Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {DB797690-40E0-11D2-9BD5-0060082AE372} failed due to the following error: 80040154

    Basic question following this is do I have the correct dlls and what do I need to do or get to get it working on Windows8


    Joseph Shanahan 


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    User (Old forums)
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    The issue was fixed when I installed

    Xceed Zip Compression Library v5.0 (TypeLib Version 5.0) and referenced that one.



    Joseph Shanahan

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    Fawzi [Xceed]
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    Hi Joseph,


    The TypeLib version for “Xceed ZipCompression Library v6.5” is 5.4 and not 5.5.

    It’s possible you might have the wrong dll.

    Unregister whatever dll is currently registered as Xceed ZipCompression Library v6.5 using regsvr32.exe /u.

    Then, register the file XceedZip.dll with regsvr32.exe from the folder where you installed the component. This should ensure the correct component is registered.

    Removing the reference to Xceed Zip in your application and adding the reference again should prevent any confusion in Visual Studio, and resolve the issue.

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