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    I have 1 gridcontrol on my form and change to different views with an combobox.

    Everytime the user selects another view in the combobox, i change the databinding for the gridcontrol.

    All works fine but when i switch a couple of times and then try to catch the values the rowdata just inserted with an insertionrow through the rowinserted event, i first get all the columns from the previous and at the end the rowdata wich was provided by the insertionrow.

    This wy the data i need is every time at another index depening of wich views were active before.

    When i do gridcontrol1.clear() all custom settings are lost and have to set evry time i swicth views.

    Is there a way to reset the grid without loosing all the things like colors and headerrows ( insertionrow, spacerrow etc.)

    Thank you for your comment


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    When you call gridcontrol1.clear(), it is normal that all the settings are lost. However, instead of calling gridcontrol1.clear(), you could clear the datarows and the columns. That way, a lot of settings would persist.


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