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    The documentation says that “the control guarantees that axes and chart contents will not be drawn outside the chart margins” or words to that effect. However, I have a fairly simple chart with several line series where I observe that line series DO plot outside the chart margins. Is there a setting somewhere that is important here? I have the margin mode set to Stretch, and the settings are X=5, Y=20, Width=90 and Height=70. The border rectangle of the chart is being drawn correctly, exactly where I want it. All I want is for content to stay inside it! I’m using version 4.0.7205.0 of the core DLL, which was part of a service pack.

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    You need to set the PagingMode to FixedPageSize. You could also use the AutoMax and AutoMin property of the Axis that will stretch the Chart Max value to the highest value contained in the data.

    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryY ).Ruler.PagingMode = RulerPagingMode.FixedPageSize;


    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryY ).NumericScale.AutoMax = true;
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryY ).NumericScale.AutoMin = true;

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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