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    Concerning CellEditor, i have picture column that get pictures from DB
    i want to provide button beside the picture ( or even when user clicks on the picture ) he can browse another picture and replace this picture

    i know the code to convert from image to bytes
    and vice versa

    But i don’t know how to deal with cell editor to provide what i want
    if any help i would be so gratefull

    thx in advance

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    Hi Hesham,

    for that particular scenario, you could implement a DataTemplate as the EditTemplate of your CellEditor. In that template, you could implement a stack panel that contains your button and your Image. You can then handle the Click event on the Button. In that handler, you could implement a file chooser to browse your file system to get your picture. You could then access the business object Image field and replace its content with the one obtain from your file chooser. The last operation should directly update the Cell content upon leaving the edition if you are using an IBindinglist or had implemented the INotifyPropertyChanged on your data source collection.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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