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    I’m writing an application for use on a touchscreen. Touchscreens suffer from “fat finger” syndrome where it’s very hard to select small items accurately.

    The current problem I have is that the vertical scroll bar is narrow enough that it’s going to be tough for a user to scroll the grid. Is that something I can control directly in the grid or is the only option to modify the overall system settings?

    Also, since my grid has detail grids associated with it I would like to be able to increase the size of the PlusMinus graphic so it’s a bigger target for the user’s finger. Currently I worked around the issue by implementing click events on all cells and expand and collapse the detail based on that. It’ll work fine but I was still wondering if the PlusMinus can be made bigger since some users are likely to try to use that since touching the whole row isn’t as intuitive.

    Thanks for any guidance you can give. I love this grid!

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    For the PlusMinus, it is one of the rare elements of the grid that is not accessible (not extensible/customizable) and cannot be modified.

    For the scrollbar, you cannot directly access the width of the vertical ScrollBar.

    However, there is a workaround, but we cannot give the guarantee that this will always be supported.

    You can access the ScrollBars through the Controls collection of the GridControl.

    //For the Vertical ScrollBar
    gridControl1.Controls[ 0 ].Width = 50;
    //For the Horizontal ScrollBar
    gridControl1.Controls[ 1 ].Height = 50;

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