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    If your mouse is in the TextBoxArea of the WinComboBox when you open it and you already have a SelectedItem assigned to it, the highlighted item will be the one the mouse is on. This behavior is fine, however when you press an arrow key (up key or down key) the highlighted will be the one just before of after your original SelectedItem NOT the one before or after the CURRENT highlighted one (which is the one the mouse is pointing).


    Here’s an example with screenshots :


     Item 1 is selected.


    Now we open the combobox and we hover the mouse on another item in the list



    Here’s the result after pressing the DOWN ARROW KEY once



    Notice that the new selected item is “item 2” but should be “item 6”. If you repeat the same steps with .NET’s ComboBox control, the selected item will be “item6” and to be honest it makes more sense for the user. So is this a bug ? If it is, is there an easy way to fix it.

    Tested on .NET 2.0, Xceed Grid 3.1.6353.0 

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    Hi Carl,

    This is the default behavior of the component and was
    chosen to behave this way when they designed the control. Essentially,
    the drop down list is a GridControl. You can access the GridControl by
    simply doing:

    GridControl dgc = this.winComboBox1.DropDownControl;

    You can set any settings you wish as well as styling it to your liking.

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