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    This is a big wish that I’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to find for some reason in any FTP controls.

    I’ve been using the ActiveX version of the control and it’s been working great, just one thing about it I’d like to add to the .Net version.

    We send a lot of files around Australia almost constantly and therefore use a lot of bandwidth for FTPing our files around.

    Most of the time the fact that the FTP processes are using 100% of the bandwidth isn’t a problem and gets the files where they’re going as fast as possible which seems great, the problem is when another process, such as PCAnywhere, tries to connect to some of our remote systems which we do a lot. With all the FTP traffic going around, PCAnywhere has to seriously fight for bandwidth!

    What I’d love is a property that says, for this transfer never go above X kB/s. This should be an absolutely easy task since when talking to the sockets, simply put a Sleep in if going to fast.

    I can’t be the only person looking for this functionality and the simplicity of it means it should be all over the place but I’ve yet to see it in a control!

    I’ll most likely upgrade to the .Net version in any case but this function would make it a definite!


    Applies to Xceed FTP for .NET. Imported from legacy forums. Posted by sfreeman (had 3309 views)

    Odi [Xceed]
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    Hi Sean,

    That’s a great idea. We’ll take good note of it. Meanwhile, for the ActiveX version you are currently, if you really need this feature there may be a way to do it manually. In theory, it should work – but we haven’t tested it. The technique would be to use the FileTransferStatus event. The first time this event triggers, you set a variable to the system timer. Every other time FileTransferStatus is triggered, you can then use the BytesSent parameter to determine if you have sent more bytes/second (using system timer again) than you are allowed. If you have overstepped your maximum bytes/second, you can do the sleep during this event.


    Applies to Xceed FTP for .NET. Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Odi [Xceed] (had 4251 views)

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