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    Most of the time I would like my column width to automatically be as wide as it needs to be to show all the values in the column (included the title). <b>But</b> sometimes I would like the width to take the cellEditor Template (and its possible values) into account aswell.

    If I for example have a column where the Title is “Unit” and I have three rows with the values “cm”, “feet” and “inches”. I then have a cellEditor Template (showing when the mouse is over the cell), showing a ComboBox with the values “cm”, “feel”, “inches” and “a much longer word”. In that case I would like the column width to be so wide that when I look inside the ComboBox, the value “a much longer word” shows within the column boundaries.

    Are these two scenarios possible?

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    There is no automatic way of doing this…

    Maybe you could detect that a cell for the desired column is entering edition mode and you could change the Column.Width at that moment to accommodate your editor…

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