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    The autofilter control currently has a Clear button, and a checklist box, allowing one to check multiple values for filtering in a column.  I’d like to add a ‘Custom Filter Rules’ entry to this control, which brings up a dialog that I would make, allowing the user to define one or more advanced filtering rules.  Examples would be “Column Value [dropdown selection of: contains text/starts with/ends with/is greater than/etc] [user entered value]”.

     1. How would I add these custom rules to the Datagrid’s filtering engine?

     2. How would I update the autofilter control to add an item that would bring up this dialog?


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    Some of theses options are already available within the filterRow. As an example, it is possible to insert querries like “<1024” or “>=30” to numeric values.

     However, if filterRow doesn’t correspond your needs, here is some informations to create your own Custom Filter:

    To create a custom auto-filter control this page within our documentation should provide you with enough information to help you.

    To add custom rules within our DataGridControl, please use the DataGridCollectionView’s Filter attribute.

            DataGridCollectionView view = MyDataGridControl.ItemsSource as DataGridCollectionView;
            view.Filter = i => FilterFunction((System.Data.DataRowView)i));

        static protected bool FilterFunctionSystem.Data.DataRowView currentRow) //Of course, you may add as many parameters you wish
            //Contents of the filter function.

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    Many thanks Sebastien.  I wasn’t aware that queries were available in the filterRow, and after reading the Custom AutoFiltering Controls page, it looks like I can accomplish what I need.

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