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    I have to come back on this

    I’m tired to have to reorganize the Columns over again and again and again. If this is a way to piss customers, you got it right.

    I don’t see any valid reason to not offer this flag at Design Time so that we can set it to false and have the columns and layout stay until i decide i want to have it change. In which case i would have the option of changing that flag again.

    Why you guys believe that we have to work with all columns from a data source has me stumped. I dont recall having to show all entries from a datasource yet.

    Don’t get me wrong thought, i love the grid even if i havent used its full capabilities yet.

    Also, what the best place to post or send bugs ? I’ve posted here but wondering if i should continue to post here.

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    I figured i should explain why it is so important to us.

    I am creating our own Business Objects into a separate library. This library is currently in development so if i find something missing, i’m recompiling it. When i do so, the library is refreshed for the form project i have, which usually leads to columns being created again. In fact, i just need to build with the designer opened and columns get created again.

    It would probably be less of a pain if you were able to keep the columns for each property that didnt change on the datasource. That datasource is a BindingSource which has for DataSource one of my business objects.

    Also, i have status fields, for example, as Shipping Order object contains items. I have read-only properties like Order.IsNew, Order.IsComplete, Order.IsShipped etc. And while i create forms, i find other status fields i need to add. Did i mention that columns get created over and over and again and again ?

    How would you like to have to retype parts of a Word Document just because a new font was added to your system ? Well, that’s how i feel.

    With the hope that you understand better why this feature is important to me.

    Thank you.

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    DarkByte, if I understand you correctly, all you have to do is manually add the columns that you want to display on your grid and set the binding during runtime or to the column you manually added by going to the properties for that column.

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    I could generate the columns using the designer, then copy the code over into a function that i call after InitializeComponents get called. I agree 100% with that ….

    But then i lose the advantages of handling these in the designer. The visual feedback that helps visually design without recompiling. Like setting rows width, changing column title, changing format. Setting a property that was not initially set when i first configured the columns is more tedious than just finding where i change it. Since a ComboBoxEditor contains a WinCombobox, which contains a ComboBoxTemplate ( i might have some classnames wrong but should be close). Where exactly should i set the title of my column, hmmmm .. both the WinComboBox and ComboBoxTemplate allow me to set it, but if i dont have the designer to set it, i will make mistakes for sure.

    What options do i have? .. create a new project, put a grid, bind it, set the property i need, check InitializeComponent code, find the right property then copy over.

    Sounds pretty tedious. Lost of work for something that would be not so hard to give as an option available at design time.

    As a programmer, here’s how i see it:

    -Remove attribute that hides the property from the designer.
    -Surround code that re-binds grid with :
    if (AutoCreateColumns) { <original code> }

    it could be a little more, but i would be surprised if it took more that 10 lines of code and 30 mins to change that behavior. And i dont see how that would affect product quality other then give it value.

    Anyway, enough ranting. I will wait and see.

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    We will add your suggestions to our feature request list. However, we do not have any time frame to offer.

    Also, the best place to send a bug is to our <a href=”mailto:support@xceedsoft.com”>support</a> address. For general interest question, the forum still is the best choice.

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