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    Hello – I am testing the RealTimeZipSample app currently and added the following lines:


    Dim fs As New FileStream(“C:\temp\”, FileMode.OpenOrCreate)



    The zip file is created successfully but when unzipped with WinRAR two warnings are thrown (“archive is corrupt”) even though there is only one file in the archive. The decompressed file is actually ok (seemingly) but I want to know why the archive is corrupt and how to fix this.



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    Hi Thomas,

      this is unfortunately a know issue with WinRar. To be more technical, it does not support a compressed item with a 0 byte compressed and uncompressed size in the local header. 

    This is by design with Real-Time Zip since we never know at first how much data will be compressed in each item. We use the data descriptor header (located at the end of the compressed data) to store this information, which is completely ligit and documented in the PKWare Zip specification.

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