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    i m getting this error while i want to overwrite the existing file.

    ImageCodecInfo usedIC = this.GetEncoderInfo(“image/bmp”);
                Encoder encoder = Encoder.Quality;
                EncoderParameters encparams = new EncoderParameters(1);
                EncoderParameter encparam = new EncoderParameter(encoder, (long)100);
                encparams.Param[0] = encparam;
                test.Save(“C:\\cute1.jpg”, usedIC, encparams);//Error

    In this coding only i m getting this error.
    test.Save(“C:\\cute1.jpg”, usedIC, encparams);
    I m already saving the image as bmp in this path.Again taking tat bmp image rotating it and then saving it like this.
    plz tell me the best solution

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    Which of our component are you using? I do not see any reference to one of our components.

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