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    I have downloaded the v1.3 grid.
    Ran the install.
    I have created a “New WPF Browser Application”

    Followed: “Step1: Adding the Component References to Visual Studio
    In order to begin using Xceed DataGrid for WPF, the aforementioned assemblies must be referenced in your project using the following steps:
    1. Select the “Add Reference…” option from the “Project” menu to open the “Add Reference” dialog box.
    2. Select the “.NET” tab, browse to the “Xceed Controls for WPF” and “Xceed DataGrid for WPF” assemblies and select them. To use the Office 2007, Windows Media Player 11, or any other themes included in the Theme Packs, the appropriate assembly (e.g., “Xceed DataGrid for WPF Theme Pack #1”) must also be included.”

    As of version 1.3, Xceed DataGrid for WPF provides design-time support for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and Expression Blend. In Visual Studio 2008, the DataGridControl control will appear in the toolbox under the Xceed tab and can be added to the designer surface by double-clicking on the control or through drag and drop.

    I even tried adding a tab manually, and adding toolbox items.
    I am using VS2008 (not BETA) + Vista Business (same with VS2005)

    Q: How do I get the ToolBox to display ?

    Bill :~

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    For the benefit of others, how I got it working.

    Vista Business + VS2008 + Xceed WPF

    1: Right click in the toolbox and select “Add Tab”
    2: Name the tab “Xceed”
    3: Right click in newly created Xceed tab, and select “Choose Items”
    4: In the “Choose Toolbox Items” pop-up window, select the “WPF Components” tab.
    5: Browse down the “Namespace” column for any components where the namespace starts with “Xceed.Wpf.” and tick the corresponding selection boxes.
    6: When all Xceed controls are selected, click the “OK” button.

    The controls now appear in the toolbox.

    A reference to the control is added automatically when a control is dragged to a page.

    I hope this helps others avoid support requests, emails and hours of frustration.

    Best Regards
    Bill 😀

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