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I have a similiar situation with a similar result as the previous poster.  I have also set SingleClickEdit = True.

In my case my record set has already returned a value of 0 for the check box column.  I also tried using a for each as follows to explicitly set the value:

 For Each row In fgrid.gridControl1.DataRows

   row.Cells(“select”).Value = 0


What is also interesting is that the first row seems to work fine (I can single click the checkbox and it’s checked), but all other rows when I single click a check is briefly displayed and then disappears.  I must click a second time to get it checked.  Also when I click the first time the checkbox gets a grey background after the check disappears, then the second time it’s a normal white background and stays checked.

My version of the Xceed Grid is 2.5…sorry it’s part of a scripting language built in to the application I’m using so there’s no option to update it.

Thanks in advance for any help!!



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