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When asked how to speed up the loading and/or print preview time on the GenerateReportForm() method call, the answer was that the PrintPreview is already optimized and that it generates only the first page.

I’m seeing different behavior when I use the report’s PrintPreview method.

I have a large report (nearly 900 pages), and when I invoke the PrintPreview method, I get a prompt to specify which printer to use (and set the printer’s settings). When I click OK to the print dialog box, I get nothing but a blank screen for about 10 minutes before finally getting the “Generating Previews” message box which indicates which page number is being generated and includes a “cancel” button. This happens even if I specify to print only the first ten pages.

I need to have the report generator provide some kind of immediate feedback. As it is now, it looks like my application has hung when the user clicks the “print” button. Is there a way to at least get a “please wait” message to appear immediately? It would be even better if there was a “cancel” button that appeared immediately upon starting the print process or, better yet, a progress indicator (with a cancel button) to let the user know how long it will take until the first page’s preview is generated. Is there some way to indicate to the user that the system is still working?

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