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Question 1 : Not much to do, since it is already optimized, the PrintPreview generates only the first page.

Question 2 : We know the the list of new feature / bug fixes is not displayed on the web site, neither in the help documentation, but this should be corrected soon. (BTW Version 3.1 has just come out). As for future releases, new feature additions have not yet been decided.

Question 3 : CellViewerManager.GetTextCore (and GetImageCore) was not meant to add a reporting customization functionality. Naturally, when combined with PaintCellForeground and PaintCellBackground, it could indirectly serve this purpose. The Reporting engine uses GetTextCore and GetImageCore because they are the only way to guarantee that the CellViewerManager will be active for all targets (paper, PDF, HTML, JPEG, …). The counterpart of this for TextRow would be to override the PaintForeground and PaintBackground methods (or subscribe to the events) to do one thing and set the Text property to something else. Here, the Text property play the same role as GetTextCore(). But, from you question, I’m not sure this is what you want to do.

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