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Odi [Xceed]
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Hi Marcus,

We understand. Thanks for your input. Around here we call that “virtualizing the grid’s elements” (example: not creating a data row object for each row, since instantiation of those objects is the main time and memory consumer). That, as you say, can be transparent to the developer (save for the option to enable or disable it).

There is also “virtualizing the data”, which refers to the grid being able to request (usually, by event) only the data required to be displayed (with/without buffering feature). This is the part that gets a little tougher to develop when grouping and master/detail is involved. In order for the grid to sort properly or provide group and statistics information, and to have meaningful data grouping, the developer using this type of virtual mode would have to write a variety of queries in order to implement the various events that the grid will trigger… what about this, is this a requirement too?


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