Xceed Zip for .NET Cheat Sheet

Product Quick Early History

  • Xceed was founded on Xceed Zip Compression Library in the 90s
  • Its first version was for Windows 3.1
  • Was entirely re-written for .NET in 2002
  • Was released on the same day the .NET Framework was officially released
  • Xceed teamed up with Microsoft for its .NET version

What is Xceed Zip?

Tech Radar has written a very self explanatory review of Xceed Zip for .NET.

“There are numerous good reasons for needing zip capabilities inside your application. Maybe you’re creating an install builder and you want to be able to spit out self-extracting executables. Maybe you have a web application that compresses and encrypts sensitive data so that only the legitimate recipient can make sense of it. Or perhaps you’re simply working with large amounts of data and need to scrunch it down to a manageable size.

Xceed Zip for .NET perfectly meets all these requirements and more. It’s a modern, fully managed component written in C# (source code is available at extra cost), whereas some similarly priced products are merely wrappers around ancient ActiveX components, long past their sell-by date. The Xceed offering implements split and spanned zip files, and can also be used to create self-extracting EXE files”

Main features of Xceed Zip for .NET

  • Constantly updated to follow new technologies and platforms (Xamarin, .NET Standard etc.)
  • Developer oriented: follows programming standards for smooth learning curve for your development team.
  • Supports industry standard encryption technology (AES 256bit)
  • Adjusted to support incredible amount of files.
  • Create self-extracting (.exe) zip files which removes the need for a Zip software on client machines.

Quick FAQs

  • What is the expected compression ration?
    • This really depends on the type of data you are compressing. Files like pictures are usually already compressed. Data like text, xml, logfiles etc… can be compressed by up to 90%!
  • How secure is the encryption in Xceed Zip for .NET
    • Xceed Zip for .NET uses AES Ecnryption which is the industry standard in file encryption.
  • What is a Self Extracting Zip file exactly?
    • It is a compressed archive containing one or more files. It runs itself when opened and decompresses and extracts the contents; allows users to open the archive without needing a file decompression program.

How does it work?

Simply add Xceed Zip for .NET to you existing project, add a few lines of codes which will encrypt compress the desired data!

Most software on the market outputs data. Either it’s reports, log files, you can expect your application to output sensible data. Using Xceed Zip for .NET you can automate this process in your existing software to reduce diskspace and keep your data secure.