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Xceed 2016 v3 launched July 13, 2016

WPF controls

Let’s start with our most popular control, Xceed DataGrid for WPF.

Xceed DataGrid for WPF moves to version 6.0, receiving a fresh new look thanks to the addition of a meticulously crafted Windows 10 theme. This theme is all about giving the datagrid a professional look and feel that blends perfectly with the Windows 10 design language. Here’s a screenshot of what to expect:


You’ll notice this theme exudes a leaner and cleaner look that’s unquestionably up-to-date with the very latest Windows 10 mindset. With this theme, the aim was not originality, but rather to make sure that your WPF applications clearly look like hot off the press Windows 10 apps, not tired and aging.

We know, however, that the datagrid is not the only control in your app’s user interface, which brings us to another pertinent product update: Xceed Pro Themes for WPF version 3.0.

In this milestone update, we’ve went ahead and themed every single Microsoft WPF control with the same blend of Windows 10 design language and visual cues that we used for Xceed DataGrid for WPF’s Windows 10 theme. Microsoft decided to not upgrade the look of the controls in WPF for Windows 10, but Xceed has your back. With our clean and professional Windows 10 theme applied to your entire WPF user interface, your users will definitely notice your app looks modern and high quality.

Last, but not least, Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF moves to version 3.1, with all 59 of its WPF controls also receiving the Windows 10 styling treatment. You can also expect more than 50 improvements and bug fixes to this well-maintained Xceed product. We are working hard to make WPF developer’s lives easier.

.NET libraries

Our .NET libraries have also received a considerable update for 2016 v3. First, we updated Xceed FTP for .NET with TLS 1.2. TLS 1.2 is now the established standard when using FTPS (FTP over SSL), therefore, you won’t have to worry about being able to connect with the latest version FTP servers. We’ve also made the public API easier to use than ever for specifying encryption methods and parameters.

Xceed Zip for .NET also received a major update. The Deflate and Delfate 64 compression algorithms have been updated to offer the option to compress multiple items at the same time by using threads. This increases performance in some scenarios, for example when the .NET framework is able to take advantage of a computer’s multi-core CPU or multiple CPUs. We also have other tricks up our sleeves that we are integrating into future versions of Xceed Zip for .NET to ensure your Xceed Zip-powered applications function well with the still-evolving Zip format.

Make sure to give this release a shot, it is definitely worth checking out!
The Xceed Team