September 2017 releases

September 22nd, 2017|News|

September 2017 – Xceed releases component and library updates

Most notable updates:

product_net_words_vertical  product_wpf_datagrid_vertical  product_wpf_toolkit_plus_vertical  product_net_sftp_vertical  product_net_sftp_xamarin_vertical

In this release, Xceed DataGrid for WPF and Xceed Words for .NET get major improvements, and many other components get bug fixes, API enhancements, and other improvements. With these improvements, Xceed Ultimate Suite moves to 2017 v3, Xceed Business Suite for WPF moves to 2017 v3, and Xceed Data Manipulation Suite moves to 2017 v3

Xceed DataGrid for WPF moves to v6.4 and gets two major new features. Powerful search capability has been introduced, providing end-users with an easy to use UI for finding items in the datagrid’s cells. Automatic and manual cell merging/spanning has been added to help users easily spot similar or related information. Scrolling performance has been improved. A total of 19 improvements and bug fixes for this release. [Release notes]

Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF updated to v3.5 with 29 improvements and bug fixes. [Release notes]

Xceed Words for .NET moves to v1.3 and gets PDF capabilities. You can now convert a Word document to a PDF file. You can also create a document programmatically and have it converted directly to a PDF file, without writing the Word document to disk. Therefore, you can now use Xceed Words for .NET to programmatically create PDF documents. A total of 13 improvements and bug fixes are provided in this release. [Release Notes]

Xceed SFTP for .NET and Xceed SFTP for Xamarin move to v6.4 and get support for elliptic curve key exchange, and a fix for a timeout issue with some SFTP servers. [Release Notes]

Minor updates:

Xceed Zip for .NET and Xceed Zip for Xamarin are updated to v6.4 with bug fixes. [Release Notes]

Xceed Zip for ActiveX stays at v6.5 but gets a bug fix related to LZMA support. [Release Notes]

Xceed FTP for .NET and Xceed FTP for Xamarin updated to v6.4, version sync with the other libraries, no code changes to FTP code, only Zip/Unzip code inherited from Xceed Zip for .NET / Xceed Zip for Xamarin.

Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET and Xceed Real-Time Zip for Xamarin updated to v6.4, version sync with the other librarie, no other changes.

We hope you love these new updates and components!
The Xceed Team