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    We are evaluating your product and need to encrypt sensitive data in an
    Access database, such as names. We also need to be able to search on
    names. If a field or column(LastName) in an Access database is
    encrypted, how can you run an SQL statements against it such as

    Select LastName from Account where LastName = ‘Smith’
    Select LastName from Account where LastName Like ‘Sm%’
    Update Account Set where LastName = sLastName

    I assume you can encrypt Smith into a field and do this, assuming the contents of LastName have been encrypted. Would this work?

    Select LastName from Account where LastName = EncryptedName



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    Odi [Xceed]
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    Hi Joel,

    I don’t think you will be able to elegantly achieve the results you want without actual support for encryption by the database itself. I’m sure there are books or articles on the net that could propose various types of workable solutions, though.

    If you can live without the ability to do ‘Where A Like B’ but can live with only ‘Where A = B’ then you could do it easily. Encrypt each sensitive field (e.g.: LastName) using AES, with RFC1423 padding and a reproducible initialization vector (so that you will always get the same encrypted string for any given value of the field). If you do this before inserting the fields into the database, then you could at least run SQL Select “Where =” commands. You would be encrypting the search pattern the same way you encrypted the data when it was inserted. ‘Like’ would definitely not work, as the encrypted data would be completely different even if a single character in the field changes. At least with AES symmetrical encryption…

    I have other ideas, so that you could do ‘Like’ and other substring searches, but they are kludges.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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