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    I am looking for a wpf datagrid that supports, all of the following at the same time

    • (1) column header filtering, sorting,
    • (2) multi cell/row editing,
    • (3) data virtualization (lazy data loading as you scroll),
    • (4) and data via OData V4 (which does not support the DateTime data type, but rather supported is the DateTimeOffset data type)

    Does Exceed WPF DataGrid – allow this??

    I looked at the features of your data grid here:
    But it is hard to see if it is supporting requirements (1) – (4) listed above at the same time.
    Also no mention of DateTimeOffset columns or OData V3 (or !) V4 are mentioned in your features listing.
    The DataGrid we are looking for must not internally convert a DateTimeOffset Column (eg while filterng) to DateTime as this causes the request sent to the backend to fail (as with OData V4 we do not support the DateTime type for properties of our data objects).


    Fawzi [Xceed]
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    1. Yes, FilterRow and ColumnManagerRow can be used for header “filtering” and the “sorting”.

    2. No, this is not supported. Only one row/cell can be edited at a time.

    3. Yes, our grid supports data virtualization which can be achieved by using the DataGridVirtualizingCollectionView or DataGridVirtualizingQueryableCollectionView. These CollectionViews are designed to support “data virtualization”.

    4. we have two CollectionViewS which can be used as a virtualizing data source.

    DataGridVirtualizingQueryableCollectionView support sources that implement the IQueryable interface. So if OData V4 can be assessed through this interface, it will work. Note however that the current implementation of the DataGridVirtualizingQueryableCollectionView class does not provide support for master/detail relationships or statistical functions.

    You may refer to the following page for a code snippet demonstrating how to bind to an IQueryable source :

    For other type of sources, the DataGridVirtualizingCollectionView can be used. However, this CollectionView is event driven, and it is the responsibility of the your code to respond to those events and provide the required data as it is asked through whatever means of querying the actual data source. This is also true for filtering and editing.

    The DateTimeOffset type is supported as is.

    We suggest that you evaluate the DataGrid, as it provides 45 days trial period. You may refer to the below link on our website to download the latest version of the grid, V6.0, at:

    Xceed DataGrid for WPF

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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