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    Hi Xceed Developers and Users.

    how can I compress a stream (char*) in VC++ &  Decompress byte[] in .NET? Both the compression & decompression need to be done in memory, no file handling is invoved.

    Can u suggest a way to do this? Some example code would be very much helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Xceed Support
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    Hi Kaushik,

    There is a sample application that is installed on your hard drive after installing the component. You can find it in its default location found here:

    C:\Xceed Samples\Xceed Zip Compression Library v6.5 (Samples)\Visual C++ 6-7\MemoryCompression

    As for decompression, you can follow here:

    Add a reference to XceedZip.dll to your .NET application.


    Your code could look like this:

    using XceedZipLib;

    static void Case149392()
      XceedCompression compression = new XceedCompressionClass();
      compression.License( LicenseKey );

      byte[] compressed = new byte[ size ];
      byte[] uncompressed;

      object inData, outData;

      xcdCompressionError result;

      // TODO: Fill the ‘compressed’ byte array with your compressed data that was created by
      // Xceed Zip ActiveX.
      // The ActiveX wrapper works best when object type variables are used when calling methods
      // with ‘ref’ or ‘out’
      inData = compressed;

      // Decompress the data. If not all the data is contained in ‘inData’, set the bEndOfData parameter
      // to ‘false’ and call Uncompress() again with more data until all the compressed data has been
      // passed to Uncompress()
      result = compression.Uncompress( ref inData, out outData, true );

      // The ActiveX wrapper works best when object type variables are used when calling methods
      // with ‘ref’ or ‘out’
      uncompressed = ( byte[] ) outData;

      // TODO: Do something with the uncompressed data. Save it to a file, process it, whatever.


    Any other information that you need can be found on our online documentation:


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    Hi Marc,


    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I checked the sample program suggested by you (C:\Xceed Samples\Xceed Zip Compression Library v6.5 (Samples)\Visual C++ 6-7\MemoryCompression); but this code is to compress memory stream in to a zip file in a physical location (e.g. test.zip in c:\temp\). My requirement is to compressing a memory stream buffer in  to a memory buffer, not in to a physical location.

    • I have written the following codes, Please find:

    for compression in ActiveX (VC++) side:

    VARIANT dataToCompress;
    VARIANT compressedData;
    VARIANT uncompressedData;
    SAFEARRAY * safeArray;
    BYTE * safeArrayData;
    size_t length;
    char * compressedDataStream;
    SAFEARRAY * arrayDescriptor;
    long lHigh =0;
    long lLow =0;
    IXceedCompressionPtr pCompression( CLSID_XceedCompression );
      if( pCompression->License( _bstr_t( L”License Code” ) ) == VARIANT_FALSE )

              return NULL;
          safeArray = SafeArrayCreateVector( VT_I1, 0, length );
          SafeArrayAccessData( safeArray, ( void ** ) &safeArrayData );
          CopyMemory( safeArrayData, strCompress, length );
          SafeArrayUnaccessData( safeArray );
          VariantInit( &dataToCompress );
          VariantInit( &compressedData );
          VariantInit( &uncompressedData );
          dataToCompress.vt = VT_ARRAY | VT_UI1;
          dataToCompress.parray = safeArray;
          xcdCompressionError error = pCompression->Compress( &dataToCompress, &compressedData, VARIANT_TRUE );
          VariantClear( &dataToCompress );
          if ( error != xceSuccess )
            throw new _com_error( error );
            SAFEARRAY *psa = compressedData.parray;
            LONG lSize = lHigh – lLow +1;
            Char *pcdata;
            char *pcNew = new char[lSize=1];
            pcNew[lSize] = 0;
            return CString( (char*)pcNew);

     In Decompression Side (C# .Net):

    XceedZipLib.XceedCompression compressor = new XceedZipLib.XceedCompressionClass();
    compressor.License(“Licensse Code”);
    object UncompressedData;
    XceedZipLib.xcdCompressionError xErr = compressor.Uncompress(arrImgFileData, out UncompressedData, true);
           if(UncompressedData != null)
               return (byte[])UncompressedData;
               return null;

    I am getting an error of “xceCompression
    while decompression.
    Is this above codes are fine or I need to change some where?

    •  I have written one more code for Compression (ActiveX VC++) using direct dll api:

       BYTE* pcCompressed = NULL;
       DWORD dwCompressedSize = 0;  
       DWORD dwSourceSize = iLen + 1;
       HMODULE m_hXceedZipDll = LoadLibraryA( “XceedZip.dll” );
        if( m_hXceedZipDll  != NULL)
              XceedZipFunctions *pFuncs  = ( XceedZipFunctions *) GetProcAddress( m_hXceedZipDll, “g_xzFunctions” );
            if( pFuncs )
                HXCEEDZIP hComp  = pFuncs->lpfnXzCreateXceedZipA(“License code” );
                if (!hComp )
                    return NULL;
                pFuncs->lpfnXcSetCompressionLevel( hComp, xclHigh );
                pFuncs->lpfnXcCompress(hComp,(BYTE*)strCompress,dwSourceSize, &pcCompressed, &dwCompressedSize, TRUE);
                return CString((char*)pcCompressed);

    Please let me know how to proceed in Decompression side of C# .Net in response of above compression code (direct dll api)?

    • Regarding Compression at Activex (VC++) side & Decompression at C# .Net side of a stream/buffer; both in a memory  (not in to a physical location, no physical file need to be created) what is the best library to be used, “Streaming Compression” or “Zip Compression” ? Compression will be done at client PC (32/64 bit machine) and Decompression will be done at server side (32 bit server).

    Thanks in advance!

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    • My Current Status with ZipCompression:

    1. I Could able to Compress at Client side in Activex (VC++) and could able to convert the compressed variant to char* array

    2.  used the compressed char* array of stream, converted to variant and could able to decompressed at Client side in Activex (VC++).

    3. While decompressing at server side in C# .Net getting error of “xceCompression

    4. I have used the normal compress api, not the direct dll api.

    Thanks in advance!

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