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    To duplicate:

    1.  Load VS 2008 VB
    2.  Add  Windows Form (IDE design time)
    3.  Add two WinButton to the form (i.e. WinButton1, WinButton2)
    4.  Set ButtonType BackgroundImageType = Combo and ImageType = User (on both WinButtons)
    5.  Add an image to WinButton1 and set Text = “Something”, ImageAlign = MiddleLeft, TextAlign = MiddleRight, set Margins.Bottom = 1, Margins.Left = 2, Margins.Right = 2, Margins.Top = 1
    6.  Add an image to WinButton2
    7.  Reselect WinButton1 and notice that all the Margins are reset to 0 

    Anyone else notice this problem?

    If so, any word on a fix?

    Thanks, Rob.


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    I did reproduce all the steps you mentioned here and I was not able to reproduce the issue. Are you doing those steps through the designer? Is there anything particular about you VS2008 installation (express version, …)? Is the problem occurring also at runtime?

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    No, problem only happens whenever I add an image — my images are “resources” in the project.  All images are defined as Embedded Resources and added to my project as a “resource”.

    Run time is fine once I correct all the Margins settings.  To be clear, I’m talking about “Margins” property NOT the “Margin” property.

    Yes in designer only (assume you mean in VS IDE during design time).

    Also notice that my project build time is considerably slower and my load times are VERY VERY slow now.  Execution of actual build is fine, but VERY VERY VERY slow in the IDE now.  This ONLY happened after installing Xceed on my WinXP SP3 x86 dev PC.  Oddly, I don’t have any slow downs on my Vista x64 dev PC using the same project.  Hardware wise, both PC’s are multi-core with 4-8GB RAM and faster 10K rpm SATA drives.

     What I’ve noticed on the WinXP dev PC is that it seems to cycle thru all the items in the Toolbox when the project loads, visibly see the scroll bar moving up/down in the toolbox window.  I’ve done a “reset toolbox” but that hasn’t solved the problem.


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