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    I did not find the following questions in the FAQ (suggest to add the basic questions to the FAQ)

    * Does it work on ASP.net as a web based form or is it Windows only? If not, is there a similar datagrid tool that performs the same functionality/

    * What to do if the demo doesn’t work? Already installed .NET framework 3.0 however the XBAP file keeps opening as a Firefox download even when trying to open it with “Windows Presentation Foundation Host”. I think it would be better if a demo ‘just runs’. (.exe or web based)

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    * The WPF DataGrid is not meant to be hosted directly in a HTML document… However, it can be included in a XBAP application, which can then be hosted in a web page.

    * XBAP are not supported by firefox at the moment… There are 4 suggestions I can give at the moment…

    1- Use IETab plug-in and configure it to displau *.xbap in the IE engine.
    2- Run the demo in Internet Explorer.
    3- Run the .EXE from the \bin installation folder.
    4- Install the latest .NET 3.5 Beta bits, which include firefox support (but introduce other painful issues with the demo)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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