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    Hello All,

    I am using Grid for .net extensively and relying too much on it.

    But at present I am having an issue with lots of events available on Grid, ColumnTemplateMangerRow and GroupHeaderRow and RowSelectorPane.

    What I have is a Grid loaded with


    ColumnTemplateManager, (Columns are loaded from An XML File not on design time, just to make it dynamic with any data)

    FilterRow (Best is XCEED Grid Extensibility Example, fully customised for my use) (which will be added with CellNavigation to True)


    DataRowTemplate to load Data later, (which will be read only grid with multiextended Selection allowed) 

    I have loaded a style initially with column sizes defined, FixedColumnSplitter Assigned, grouped, with multiplesorts on multiple columns.

    Now, After I load these Settings, I need to trackdown if any of the following happens at anytime and need to prompt user saying that your current layout has changed, so you may would like to save your current layout for later use.

    I need to track down following:





    FixColumnSplitter Value Changed


    because my grid is very busy with all filters, groupings and 30×8000 Data, I need something very very efficient to tell me that layout of the grid has changed and may be its time for me to prompt the user for the changes.

    Is there anything in Grid Available which would tell me if any of the above has changed, I can track them individually but it is not desirable and not managable,

    Reason being if I click on columnheader it may fire Sortingchanged and sort columnchanged and etc…. subsequently,so all I need is just one which would tell me everything

     Urgent help and response to it is much appreciated.



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    Unfortunately there is no such event, and the only event you can remove is one of the two sorted events.

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    Thank you very much for your prompt reply, but as a matter of fact all I need is something that would tell me any of them has changed by one.

    One more thing I forgot to mention this is GRID for .Net v3.2.

    Reason I am stuck on this one is because, I do not want to run into danger of subscribing events for the following things individually where I dont know in what other scenarios they all could be fired, coz they could be chain events too. 

    SortChange, ColumnPoisitionChanged, GroupUpdated, GroupAdded, FixedColumnSplitterPositionChanged, ColumnWidthChanged.

    So, if there is no alternative but to subscribe each individual then I am bit uncomfirtable in doing so, and would love to know something that says, hang on Design or Layout has changed prompt the user now.





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