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    I am new to the Xceed compression library and not able to figure out why unZipping to memory only gives 1024 bytes per callback event.

    In the XM_UNZIPPREPROCESSINGFILE event I set xDestination to xudMemory  and according to the docs the complete data should be passed on the first XM_UNZIPPINGMEMORYFILE event.

    The docs at http://doc.xceedsoft.com/products/XceedZip/UnzipPreprocessingFile_event.html  states:

    Setting this parameter to xudMemory (1) will cause the file to be unzipped to memory via the UnzippingMemoryFile event. The entire file’s uncompressed data will be provided through a single occurrence of the UnzipPreprocessingFile event in this case.” 

    I must have overlooked or misunderstood something but not able to circle in what.  Any suggestions where to look?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards


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    Found the cause; the documentation for the structure is incorrect!   I had based my structure on the documentation and not the *.h file.
    The SizeHigh longs are the issue.

    I am using the DLL API whilst programming this in the Clarion languange and use cut’n paste and then adapt as needed.  The *.h file is correct and it works fine now.

    This is not correct: http://doc.xceedsoft.com/products/XceedZip/#xcdUnzipPreprocessingFileParams_structure.html

    typedef struct _xcdUnzipPreprocessingFileParams
      const WORD wStructSize; 
      const HXCEEDZIP hZip; 
      const TCHAR szFilename[ MAX_PATH ]; 
      const TCHAR szComment[ 1024 ]; 
      TCHAR szDestFilename[ MAX_PATH ]; 
      const LONG lSize; 
      const LONG lSizeHigh;
      const LONG lCompressedSize; 
      const LONG lCompressedSizeHigh;
      xcdFileAttributes xAttributes; 
      const LONG lCRC; 
      SYSTEMTIME stModified; 
      SYSTEMTIME stAccessed; 
      SYSTEMTIME stCreated; 
      const xcdCompressionMethod xMethod; 
      const BOOL bEncrypted; 
      TCHAR szPassword[ MAX_PATH ]; 
      const LONG lDiskNumber; 
      BOOL bExcluded; 
      const xcdSkippingReason xReason; 
    const BOOL bExisting;   
      xcdUnzipDestination xDestination; 

    } xcdUnzipPreprocessingFileParams; 

    This is correct (from the  XceedZipAPI.h )

    // UnzipPreprocessingFile event parameters
    typedef struct _xcdUnzipPreprocessingFileParamsA
      /* IN  */ WORD                  wStructSize;
      /* IN  */ HXCEEDZIP             hZip;
      /* IN  */ char                  szFilename[ XCD_MAX_PATH ];
      /* IN  */ char                  szComment[ 1024 ];
      /* OUT */ char                  szDestFilename[ XCD_MAX_PATH ];
      /* IN  */ LONG                  lSize;
      /* IN  */ LONG                  lCompressedSize;
      /* OUT */ xcdFileAttributes     xAttributes;
      /* IN  */ LONG                  lCRC;
      /* OUT */ SYSTEMTIME            stModified;
      /* OUT */ SYSTEMTIME            stAccessed;
      /* OUT */ SYSTEMTIME            stCreated;
      /* IN  */ xcdCompressionMethod  xMethod;
      /* IN  */ BOOL                  bEncrypted;
      /* OUT */ char                  szPassword[ XCD_MAX_PATH ];
      /* IN  */ LONG                  lDiskNumber;
      /* OUT */ BOOL                  bExcluded;
      /* IN  */ xcdSkippingReason     xReason;
      /* IN  */ BOOL                  bExisting;
      /* OUT */ xcdUnzipDestination   xDestination;
      /* IN */  LONG                  lSizeHigh;
      /* IN */  LONG                  lCompressedSizeHigh;
    } xcdUnzipPreprocessingFileParamsA;



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    Diane [Xceed]
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    Hi Viggo,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The lead developer submitted a request to the documentation team with the correct information.

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