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    I’m using a Stacked Bar to display some data and it looks like the bar in the samples here:

    I need to display text instead of the 1,2,3,4… along X-axis and I need to display a text for each stack (hence, 5 labels along x-axis for each stack per the image in the example above)

    I’ve manaed to add the code to display text (by adding labels using chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryX).Labels.Add). But the labels do not correspond to each stack – they are too close together.

    I think I need to change the scale of the X-Axis to correspond to each stack I’m adding – but not sure what properties to set. Any ideas?


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    Each label that you add to the Labels collection corresponds to the point (stack or bar) with the corresponding index. To better display the text, you can use the StaggerTexts property.

    Chart chart = chartControl1.Charts.Add();

    BarSeries barSeries1 = ( BarSeries )chart.Series.Add( SeriesType.Bar );

    barSeries1.Add( 20.3, “MyLabel1” );
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).Labels.Add( “MyLabel1” );
    barSeries1.Add( 19.4, “MyLabel2” );
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).Labels.Add( “MyLabel2” );
    barSeries1.Add( 95.7, “MyLabel3” );
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).Labels.Add( “MyLabel3” );
    barSeries1.Add( 11.9, “MyLabel4” );
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).Labels.Add( “MyLabel4” );
    barSeries1.Add( 55.5, “MyLabel5” );
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).Labels.Add( “MyLabel5” );

    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).ScaleMode = AxisScaleMode.Dimension;
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).DimensionScale.AutoLabels = false;
    chart.Axis( StandardAxis.PrimaryX ).StaggerTexts = true;

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