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        When displaying data in a surface series like GridSurfaceSeries, it is often necessary to highlight “meta”or derivative data that is associated with the 3D surface. Examples like Slope, Gradient and Aspect values of the surface, or any other independent variable we have calculated and need to associated with the grid surface series.

    The standard way to do this is to define the surface Pallet according any non-displayed grid of data that we choose, and then have this Pallet applied to the actual displayed Surface. For example Red cells where our calculated Slope at each point was highest through to Blue where slope was flat.

    Just in case I am not being clear here is some visual examples of just one of many applications of this pallet masking process, from free geography tools: http://freegeographytools.com/2007/terrain-slopeaspect-display-and-analysis

    I have checked the documentation/API for SurfaceSeries and it looks like we are just limited to playing with the Pallet according to Z Elevation of the actual displayed grid values.

    Please add to the suggestion list, thank you!

    This post is related to Automatic Pallet bug post: http://xceed.com/CS/forums/thread/4258.aspx 


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    I added your request to our feature request list. For the moment, we do not have a time frame to offer as of when (or if) this feature will be added. If it is, we will notify you as soon as it is available.

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