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    I have a column that displays Dates. Since I want to be able to sort them, the column data type is System.DateTime. The data source, however, allows null values in this column. My grid receives these as ‘zero’ dates, i.e., 1/1/1900. I detect these and want to display blanks but the data type of the column prevents “” as a value.

    Making the Cell.Visible = false removes the grid lines of the cell and leaves one end open.

    For the moment, I am formatting the text to be very small and light colored so it looks like the cell is empty.

    There must be a better / correct way of doing this, right?

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    You could simply set those to null (or Nothing) in the Grid and you would get an empty cell.

    //In C#
    Cell.Value = null;

    ‘In VB.NET
    Cell.Value = Nothing

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