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    The first service release for Xceed DataGrid for WPF v1.1 is now available. The update center on our website has not yet been updated with this release, but here’s a direct download link for those of you who need any of the fixes that it contains:

    – <a href=”http://download3.xceedsoft.com/Packages/3.0.7273.12150/XceedComponents.exe”>Full Package</a>

    – <a href=”http://download3.xceedsoft.com/Packages/3.0.7273.12150/XceedComponentsWebInstall.exe”>On-demand Web Installer</a>

    <b><u>Release notes for this update:</u></b>

    – Fixed a bug that occurred when a new Group was created in a DataGrid that was sorted by that Group’s field.

    – A memory leak no longer occurs when changing the ItemsSource of the DataGridControl while there are Rows (e.g., ColumnManagerRow, InsertionRow) in the FixedHeaders / FixedFooters sections of the datagrid.

    – Fixed an inaccurate color in the Office 2007 Blue theme.

    – Fixed a problem with the DataGrid Footers.

    – The Calendar control now works properly when the first day of week is not Sunday.

    – The DataGridControl can now be removed from and then added back to a VisualTree.

    – DataGrid headers and footers are now generated after changing the View.

    Thanks for your patience!

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