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    Hello folks,

    I was looking for information about the content of the next release of Xceed Grid.
    I’ve searched through this forum using keyworkd 2.6 or ‘next release’ but I was rather unsuccessfull.

    Is there any public release plan about it.

    Although I’m very confident that the v2.6 will be as great as the v2.5 it would be nice to have a bit a vision about the future of the grid.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Odi [Xceed]
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    Hi Benoit,

    The next release of the grid is v3.0, and it is scheduled for release in the 3rd week of January. One of the two major new features of the grid is based on a new component we have had multiple developers working on already for 2.5 years. A sizeable chunk of that time was used to add this product’s capabilities to the Grid. That’s the feature we still can’t publicly reveal at this time (sorry). The other major new feature is the integration of the next upcoming version of Xceed Editors for .NET into the grid, providing a variety of modular and flexible input editor controls (including multi-column drop downs, etc.), automatically accessible from within the grid, with pixel-perfect alignments and theming. New export options will be available as well.

    Early this year we increased the amount of developers working on Xceed Grid for .NET, so for 2006 you should expect more releases, less often apart, always with high quality workmanship. We are implementing features requested by customers here on the forums and by email. These include a powerful, easy to use Virtual Mode and fixed columns support. We’ll also be releasing new capabilities we have developped that are not seen in any other grid.


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