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    Hi there,

    I am thinking about using Xceed for my own application and need to make sure it will do, at a rather basic level, what I need.

    Some of my grid application are of the standard unordered row variety, in the sense that there is no intrinsic ordering of the data. Ordering of these sorts of grids is generally based on column, in much the same way that a database can order/sort acording to fields.

    By Ordered grids I mean the ones where the user positions the rows himself, moves them around with drag and drop / cut and paste, inserts new rows wherever he wants to and so on.

    My application actually uses this to input formulae along the lines of:

    start, diameter of cone
    divide by, 2
    square it
    times by, Pi
    times by, height of cone
    divide by, 3

    Being able to insert a number of rows anywhere in the grid is important (an insertion row isn’t much good), as is deleting rows (with multi-select) as is cutting/copying and pasting possibly with drag and drop.

    Can Xceed handle all this ok and are there any examples?



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    There is no built-in way of doing this type of grid with our product, but it can be customized to achieve it.

    Basically, you will need a hidden column on which you will be sorted, and which you will use to insert rows anywhere in the grid, and to do the drag and drop (thus changing the values of that column so the rows sort as desired).

    We have a <a href=”http://www.xceedsoft.com/cs/download/XceedGrid/CSharp/MoveRows.zip”>sample</a&gt; that shows how to move rows, which you can use as a starting point.

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