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    I’ve been having a hard time getting the insertion row to behave in exactly the way I need it to. So I tried to implement my own insertion row concept. Unfortunately, the code is not behaving in any way that I would have expected it to in my event handlers.

    Is there some kind of time-limit involved when editing cells? Am I restricted from editing the contents of a cell if another cell is already in edit mode? What are the rules for changing cell values in code?

    For example, if I try to do this:

    Public Sub AddInsertionRow()
    Dim column As Column
    Dim row As Xceed.Grid.ValueRow
    row = New Xceed.Grid.ValueRow
    Dim cell As Cell
    For Each cell In row.Cells
    AddHandler cell.ValueChanged, AddressOf insertionRow_CellValueChanged
    End Sub

    Private Sub insertionRow_CellValueChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    Dim newRow As Xceed.Grid.DataRow
    newRow = AddNewDataRow()

    Dim editedCell As Cell
    editedCell = sender

    CurrentRow = newRow
    —> newRow.Cells(editedCell.ParentColumn.Index).Value = editedCell.Value
    End Sub

    When the debugger gets to the line marked with the arrow, code execution stops as if an exception were raised, but no exception is ever raised. How can I tell when a cell is editable, and when it will exhibit this strange “phantom exception” behavior?


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    I think this may have been a casting exception that the grid hid from me. It seems that the grid places very restrictive rules on which data types can be converted without specific casting. Where VB would allow a integer value to be copied into a double variable, it seems the grid doesn’t like that. I have since gotten my insertion rows to work.


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