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    I am building a master/detail grid that has worked in other applications (of course I have changed the tables/fields to work with current database).

    After it builds the detail grid and I perform the Grid.EndInit() command, I get the error  NullReferenceException was unhandled (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    I know that this lies somewhere in how that relationship is referenced or used but can’t figure out where.

    Here is my code that builds the grid:

    Public Sub buildgrid()


            Grid.BeginInit() ‘ EndInit will be called later

            Dim ColumnManagerRow1 As New ColumnManagerRow

            Grid.SingleClickEdit = True

            Grid.BackColor = Color.FromKnownColor(KnownColor.Control)

            Grid.ScrollBars = GridScrollBars.None




            ‘ Add columns to the grid. In the case of our first column, the datatype will be button.

            Grid.Columns.Add(New Column(“Edit”, GetType(System.Windows.Forms.Button)))

            Grid.Columns.Add(New Column(“Delete”, GetType(System.Windows.Forms.Button)))

            Grid.Columns.Add(New Column(“In”, GetType(System.Windows.Forms.TextBox)))

            Grid.Columns.Add(New Column(“Out”, GetType(System.Windows.Forms.TextBox)))

            Grid.Columns.Add(New Column(“Total Time”, GetType(System.Windows.Forms.TextBox)))


            ‘ Assign our custom row to the DataRowTemplate so that the grid will create our custom row rather than the default DataRow     

            Grid.DataRowTemplate = New CustomDataRow

            ‘ Set the current column

            Grid.CurrentColumn = Grid.Columns(“Edit”)

            Grid.DataSource = dSEmployees

            Grid.DataMember = “Employees”

            Dim columnname As New DataColumn

            Dim columnnametext As String

            ‘ Add the grid to the form


            Grid.Dock = DockStyle.None

            Grid.Left = 446

            Grid.Top = 80

            Grid.Width = Me.Width – 446

            Grid.Height = Me.Height – 75 – Grid.Top

            Grid.ScrollBars = GridScrollBars.Both

            Grid.Columns(“Edit”).Width = 50

            Grid.Columns(“Edit”).VisibleIndex = 0

            Grid.Columns(“Delete”).VisibleIndex = 1

            Dim MoneyFields As New Collection



            Dim OmitFields As New Collection













            Dim omitcolumn As New Column

            For Each omitcolumn In OmitFields

                omitcolumn.Visible = False


            Grid.Columns(“Firstname”).Title = “First”

            Grid.Columns(“LastName”).Title = “Last”

            Grid.Columns(“DisplayName”).Title = “Display As”

            Grid.Columns(“Addr1”).Title = “Address”

            Grid.Columns(“Addr2”).Title = “Address 2”

            Grid.Columns(“City”).Title = “City”

            Grid.Columns(“State”).Title = “State”

            Grid.Columns(“Zip”).Title = “Zip”

            Grid.Columns(“HireDate”).Title = “Hire Date”

            Grid.Columns(“LastReview”).Title = “Last Review Date”

            Grid.Columns(“NextReview”).Title = “Next Review Date”

            Grid.Columns(“RegRate”).Title = “Rate”

            Grid.Columns(“OTRate”).Title = “OT Rate”

            Grid.Columns(“PinNum”).Title = “Pin”

            Grid.Columns(“HomeStoreID”).Title = “Home Store”

            Grid.ScrollBars = GridScrollBars.Both

            Dim numformat As New System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo

            Dim c As New Column

            numformat.CurrencySymbol = “$”

            numformat.CurrencyPositivePattern = 0

            numformat.CurrencyNegativePattern = 1

            For Each c In MoneyFields

                c.FormatProvider = numformat

                c.FormatSpecifier = “c”


            Dim col As Column

            For Each col In Grid.Columns

                If MoneyFields.Contains(“col.fieldname”) Then

                    col.HorizontalAlignment = Xceed.Grid.HorizontalAlignment.Center

                    col.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center


                    col.HorizontalAlignment = Xceed.Grid.HorizontalAlignment.Center

                    col.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center

                End If


            ‘This is the child line which will contain the punches of each clock this relationship is created in SQL Server Express

            Dim detail As New DetailGrid

            detail.DataSource = Nothing

            detail.DataMember = “FK_TimeclockPunches_Employees”


            detail.HeaderRows.Add(New ColumnManagerRow)

            detail.HeaderRows.Add(New InsertionRow)

            detail.HeaderRows(1).BackColor = Color.LightYellow

            detail.BackColor = Color.White

            detail.Columns.Add(New Column(“EditLine”, GetType(System.Windows.Forms.Button)))

            detail.Columns.Add(New Column(“DeleteLine”, GetType(System.Windows.Forms.Button)))

             detail.Columns(“EditLine”).Width = 50

            detail.Columns(“EditLine”).Title = “”

           ‘detail.Columns(“DeleteLine”).Title = “”

            ‘ detail.Columns(“DeleteLine”).Width = 60

            detail.Columns(“id”).Visible = False

             detail.Columns(“invoicedetailid”).Visible = False

            ‘detail.Columns(“comments”).Width = 300

             detail.Columns(“EditLine”).VisibleIndex = 0

           detail.Columns(“comments”).VisibleIndex = 10

            detail.Columns(“DeleteLine”).VisibleIndex = 20

            detail.ReadOnly = False

            detail.DataRowTemplate = New CustomDataRow




        End Sub 

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    I figured it out by adding in this following line when the detail grid begins to build

             Employees.ChildRelations.Add(New DataRelation(“Employee_Punches”, dSEmployees.Tables(“Employees”).Columns(“EmployeeID”), dSEmployees.Tables(“TimeClockPunches”).Columns(“EmployeeID”)))


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