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    I am attempting to display a Master->Detail->Subdetail grid. I am getting a problem whereby the SubDetail rows are repeating for each Detail row. I am sure I am doing something wrong but cannot see what. This is the code that I am using to populate the dataset and grid (in my proof of concept code).

    ‘ create the dataset
    ds = New DataSet(“Master-Detail-SubDetail”)

    ‘ add the master table
    Dim colMasterID As New DataColumn(“MasterID”, GetType(Integer))
    colMasterID.Unique = True
    ds.Tables(“Master”).Columns.Add(“Description”, GetType(String))
    ‘ Made no difference
    ‘ ds.Tables(“Master”).PrimaryKey = New DataColumn() {ds.Tables(“Master”).Columns(“MasterID”)}
    ‘ colMasterID.AutoIncrement = True
    ‘ colMasterID.AutoIncrementSeed = 1
    ‘ colMasterID.AutoIncrementStep = 1

    ‘ add the detail table
    Dim colDetailID As New DataColumn(“DetailID”, GetType(Integer))
    colDetailID.Unique = True
    ds.Tables(“Detail”).Columns.Add(“MasterID”, GetType(Integer))
    ds.Tables(“Detail”).Columns.Add(“Description”, GetType(String))
    ‘ Made no difference
    ‘ ds.Tables(“Detail”).PrimaryKey = New DataColumn() {ds.Tables(“Detail”).Columns(“DetailID”)}
    ‘ colDetailID.AutoIncrement = True
    ‘ colDetailID.AutoIncrementSeed = 1
    ‘ colDetailID.AutoIncrementStep = 1

    ‘ add the subdetail table
    Dim colSubDetailID As New DataColumn(“SubDetailID”, GetType(Integer))
    colSubDetailID.Unique = True
    ds.Tables(“SubDetail”).Columns.Add(“DetailID”, GetType(Integer))
    ds.Tables(“SubDetail”).Columns.Add(“Description”, GetType(String))
    ‘ Made no difference
    ‘ ds.Tables(“SubDetail”).PrimaryKey = New DataColumn() {ds.Tables(“SubDetail”).Columns(“SubDetailID”)}
    ‘ colSubDetailID.AutoIncrement = True
    ‘ colSubDetailID.AutoIncrementSeed = 1
    ‘ colSubDetailID.AutoIncrementStep = 1

    ‘ set up the relationship between Master -> Detail tables
    Dim relMaster2Detail As New DataRelation(“Master->Detail”, _
    ds.Tables(“Master”).Columns(“MasterID”), _
    relMaster2Detail.Nested = True

    ‘ set up the relationship between Detail -> SubDetail tables
    Dim relDetail2SubDetail As New DataRelation(“Detail->SubDetail”, _
    ds.Tables(“Detail”).Columns(“DetailID”), _
    relDetail2SubDetail.Nested = True

    ‘ add some records for our viewing pleasure
    Dim intMasterID As Integer = 1
    Dim intDetailID As Integer = 1
    Dim intSubDetailID As Integer = 1

    For intMasterRow As Integer = 1 To 2
    ds.Tables(“Master”).Rows.Add(New Object() {intMasterID, String.Format(“Master Row {0}”, intMasterID)})

    For intDetailRow As Integer = 1 To 3
    ds.Tables(“Detail”).Rows.Add(New Object() {intDetailID, intMasterID, String.Format(“Master Row {0} Detail Row {1}”, intMasterID, intDetailID)})

    For intSubDetailRow As Integer = 1 To 4
    ds.Tables(“SubDetail”).Rows.Add(New Object() {intSubDetailID, intDetailID, String.Format(“Master Row {0} Detail Row {1} SubDetail Row {2}”, intMasterID, intDetailID, intSubDetailID)})
    intSubDetailID += 1

    intDetailID += 1

    intMasterID += 1

    ‘ save as XML so I can see what’s been entered into the dataset
    IO.File.WriteAllText(“c:\test.xml”, ds.GetXml())

    ‘ set up the grid

    grdMaster.SynchronizeDetailGrids = True

    ‘ set up the grid for table: Master
    grdMaster.SetDataBinding(ds.Tables(“Master”), “”)
    grdMaster.Columns(“Description”).Width = 400

    ‘ set up a detail grid for table: Detail
    Dim grdDetail As New Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid
    grdDetail.SetDataBinding(ds.Tables(“Master”), “Master->Detail”)
    grdDetail.HeaderRows.Add(New Xceed.Grid.ColumnManagerRow)

    ‘ set up a detail grid for table: SubDetail
    Dim grdSubDetail As New Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid
    grdSubDetail.SetDataBinding(ds.Tables(“Detail”), “Detail->SubDetail”)
    grdSubDetail.HeaderRows.Add(New Xceed.Grid.ColumnManagerRow)

    ‘ add and update the detail grids


    Many thanks for any assistance.

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    I recommend checking this previous thread that shows a lot more on Master-Detail:


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    Was your problem ever resolved? I am having similar symptoms and would like to know what worked for you.

    Appreciate all pointers.

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    I am also facing this problems, that the SubDetail rows are repeating for each Detail row. When I insert one SubDetail row it inserts into every detail element.

    Is there any workaround for this problem?

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    I’ve found an error in my code.

    You have to use such string for DataMember for SubDetail:
    but not

    If you use “DetailTable.Relation2” for SubDetail DataMember you will get the same problem as specified above.

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    Do you have a working solution for this, i tried the same in setting the relation but not able to get it.

    It fetches me error

    5 – Child list for field ScreenGriding cannot be created.

    Source : System.Windows.Forms


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    Have you looked at the post suggested above?


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