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    In short my problem is to get the current selected item in a combobox editcell refreshed when the collection bound to the combobox is changed.

    This is what I’m doing:

    First I have a simple “data container” class:
    public class AccountDef
    public AccountDef(string s, int Id) { Text = s; ID = Id; }

    public string Text { get; set; }
    public int ID { get; set; }

    public override string ToString()
    return Text;

    Then I make an observable collation from this:

    private ObservableCollection<AccountDef> m_AccountDefs =
    new ObservableCollection<AccountDef>();

    Then I have another “data container” class that useses the first one:

    public class Post
    public Post(string text, AccountDef account) { Text = text; Account = account; }

    public string Text {get; set;}
    public AccountDef Account { get; set; }

    public override string ToString()
    return Text;

    Which I also use in an observable collection:

    private ObservableCollection<Post> m_Items = new ObservableCollection<Post>();

    this I bind to a DataGridControl in XAML:
    <xcdg:DataGridCollectionViewSource x:Key=”griditems”
    Source=”{Binding Source={x:Static Application.Current}, Path=Items}”/>

    <xcdg:DataGridControl x:Name=”PostGrid”
    ItemsSource=”{Binding Source={StaticResource griditems}}”>

    and finally I define a Combobox cell editor for the Account column in XAML:

    <ObjectDataProvider x:Key=”accounts”
    ObjectType=”{x:Type c:Account}”>
    <x:Type TypeName=”c:Account”/>

    <xcdg:CellEditor x:Key=”accountEditor”>
    <ComboBox BorderThickness=”0″
    Foreground=”{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent},
    ItemsSource=”{Binding Source={x:Static Application.Current},
    ItemTemplate=”{StaticResource accountDataTemplate}”
    <Style TargetType=”Popup”>
    <Setter Property=”TextElement.Foreground”
    Value=”{DynamicResource {x:Static
    SystemColors.WindowTextBrushKey}}” />
    <xcdg:KeyActivationGesture SystemKey=”Down”
    <xcdg:KeyActivationGesture Key=”Up”
    <xcdg:KeyActivationGesture Key=”F4″/>
    <xcdg:KeyActivationGesture Key=”Space”/>

    I attach this to the DataGridControl in the “Code behind”:
    PostGrid.Columns[“Account”].CellEditor =
    this.FindResource(“accountEditor”) as CellEditor;

    This all works fine until I change the Text in one of the AccountDefs (This text is the one shown in the Account column DataGridControl)
    If I open an account combobox (my custom made Cell editor) after the Text has been changed, the modified text shows up fine.
    My question is: How do I refresh the DataGridCotrol so that the column using my custom made Cell Editor reflects the values bound to it?
    (Refresh() doesn’t help!)


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    I have the same problem. How do you refresh the cell?

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