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    If you want to drop the control on a form, the following steps must be taken:

    1- Add the Xceed control to a window. Select Insert / Control / OLE from the main menu.

    2- Select the Xceed control you want to add and click OK, now click on the window at the position you want this control. Note: you must be on the ‘Insert Control’ tab. If the control you want is not in the list, then it hasn’t been registered conrrectly on the machine, either reinstall the component using its installation program, or enter ‘regsvr32‘ from a command prompt.

    3- Give the control a nice friendly name such as ole_ftp

    4- Call the License method

    If you want to instantiate the component the following steps must be taken:

    1- Declare an oleObject variable -> oleObject xceed

    2- Initialize your oleObject -> encryption = CREATE OleObject

    3- Connect to the desired component using the ConnectToNewObject method and pass it the ProgId of the component -> xceed.ConnectToNewObject(“Xceed.Encryption.1”)

    4- Call the License method.

    You are now ready to use your Xceed product in PowerBuilder.

    *Please note that Xceed does not officially support PowerBuilder*

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