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    1- Make sure that the Xceed component is correctly installed and registered with the operating system.

    2- From The Ide Menu Choose Tools>Import ActiveX Control. This will bring up a list of Registered ActiveX Components

    3- Scroll down the list and choose the component

    4- The “Generate” checkboxes for all applicable classes should be checked.

    – Leave the “Data-Aware” checkboxes unchecked.
    – Repository should be global.
    – PKG File should be C:\Program Files\VDF7\Pkg\XceedBkp.pkg
    – Palette Page should be ActiveX

    The IDE should allocate the relevant Xceed Bitmaps to each control. This is used to identify the control on the IDE’s >Controls Palette> (explained later). If they do not show up it may be because the bit map isn’t there. It shouldn’t happen but occasionally it does. Try moving the mouse about an watch for the tool tips to appear. You can also change the bit maps using Tools > Maintain Class-Lists > Edit, from the main IDE menu.

    5- Click Ok. The < Select Methods and Properties > Dialog box will appear. Click Ok (No need to change anything)
    This will Register all the Classes in the IDE, and generate the wrapper Classes in the file XceedBkp.pkg

    The Code Explorer Edit Box will be displayed showing the XceedBkp.pkg file. You do not need to edit the package.
    Click the Close Button (X) of the CODE EXPLORER. This will return you to the Visual Editing mode of the IDE. It will however, be blank at this stage.

    You then need to set up a View to work with.

    From the IDE Menu Choose >File > New Componant.

    Select >Blank View> from the Data Entry Tab > Click Ok
    This will Create a new Blank View.

    From the IDE Menu Choose >Tools > Controls Pallet
    This will provide you with a floating tools menu

    Choose >ActiveX Pallet. The Xceed Objects will be visible as per the bit maps selected

    Drag the relavant controls onto the view. Right Click any control to view it’s object properties and also it’s Active X properties.

    ***Information provided by Martin Kelly!***

    *Please note that Xceed does not officially Visual DataFlex*

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