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    Hi, Sorry for distrubing repeatedly, I dont have option. Is there any demo that can explain me how I can add detail grid rows dynamically, retrive data from the grid as well as detail grid. If not can any one explain how that happens, i will tell an example why i need this.
    If i click the check box in the parent grid i need to show two rows in detial grid other wise only one.
    Thanks AndreC, the reply sent , helped me. I still need ur help to do the rest. I tried adding detail grid row dynamically and even retrive data from the detail grid.
    Thanks in Advance,

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    Well, the actual implementation will depend on how you set up the grid, and when you want to add or access a row. What you need is to get an instance of the DetailGrid, then add a row.

    e.g. :

    //for example in the click event of the CheckBox <i>
    Dim detailGrid As Xceed.Grid.DetailGrid
    detailGrid = CType( GridControl1.CurrentRow, Xceed.Grid.DataRow ).DetailGrids( 0 )
    Dim row As Xceed.Grid.DataRow = detailGrid.DataRows.AddNew()
    Dim cell As Xceed.Grid.DataCell
    For Each cell In row.Cells
    cell.Value = “some value”
    To retrieve a row, you can do the same, if the row you want is the selected one :
    Dim row1 As Xceed.Grid.DataRow = CType( GridControl1.CurrentRow, Xceed.Grid.DataRow )

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