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    Hi Again,
    I have some strange behaviour when using GridSurfaceSeries and ShapeSeries together:

    If I add one shape (m_Shape.AddShape) per X axis column then the chart behaves as expected: I get the shape displaying correctly positioned in the GridSurfaceSeries column.

    However if i try add more than one shape per GridSurfaceSeries X axis column I get inflated margins along X axis that go beyond the grids size. For example two small shapes per gridsurface column: the shapes and GridSurface display correctly(!) BUT the problem is that the margin inflates along the X axis to the right beyond the gridsurface bounds.

    – I have set m_Shape.InflateMargins = false; but this appears to have no effect.
    – axisX1.ScaleMode = AxisScaleMode.Dimension;

    I am trying to work around the above problem by setting ShapeSeries to display on the secondary X axis, hoping that this will not inflate the margind of the GridSurfaceSeries:
    m_Shape.DisplayOnAxis(StandardAxis.PrimaryX, false);
    m_Shape.DisplayOnAxis(StandardAxis.SecondaryX, true);

    but I am having the problem that the secondary X axis is not “in sync” with the PrimaryX/GridSurface : so the shapes do not display in the correct position alinged with the grid. So a secondary question would be if it is possible/how to sync SecondaryX with the PrimaryX/GridSurfaceSeries?


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    I have found the solution: Use multiple ShapeSeries.

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