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    This is probably a common thing and probably a noob issue, however, I have to ask…

    I have a dataset based on an Access database.  I dragged a table from the dataset onto my form – Visual C# Express then added the dataset, bindingsource, table adapter and data navigator stuff (along with its grid).  I deleted the default grid and dropped an Xceed grid on the form, setting the datasource to the binding source.

    I then configured the grid to display as I’d like.  I changed the column headers and added a child table.  I then ran and tested it and things seem to run OK.

    However, when I reload the project, everything seems to disappear – the columns are gone and the child table is gone too.  There doesn’t seem to be a way to get that all back.

    So, what did I do wrong?


    Peace, Love, and Light,

    /s/ Jon C. Munson II

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    Hi Jon!

    There seems to be a problem when adding a grid, deleting it and then adding a new one within the same project without saving the project after removing the grid.  It has something to do with the Designer “persistance” of the controls.  The “workaround” would be to do a copy of the controls you want to keep (from the original grid, designer.cs code), paste them in a text file (using notepad).  Remove the grid from the project.  Close the solution.  Save the file edited with Notepad with the exact same name.  Reopen the solution.  You should have no persistance problem at this point.

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