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    I am working with an unbound grid that I am trying to use a databound DropDownList by using the ComboBoxEditor and ComboBoxViewer controls. I have all the columns added to the grid, the ComboBox is populated from the database, but the issue is I need to set the value of the ComboBox when the grid is populated. Here’s how I’m building it:
    // columns for first grid
    Xceed.Grid.Column colCompId = new Xceed.Grid.Column(“COMP_ID”, typeof(long));
    colCompId.Width = 64;
    colCompId.ReadOnly = true;
    Xceed.Grid.Column colLibId = new Xceed.Grid.Column(“LIB_ID”, typeof(long));
    colLibId.Width = 56;
    colLibId.ReadOnly = true;
    Xceed.Grid.Column colLibraryName = new Xceed.Grid.Column(“LIBRARY_NAME”, typeof(string));
    colLibraryName.Width = 160;
    colLibraryName.ReadOnly = true;
    Xceed.Grid.Column colReportedName = new Xceed.Grid.Column(“REPORTED_NAME”, typeof(string));
    colReportedName.Width = 160;
    colReportedName.ReadOnly = true;
    Xceed.Grid.Column colStatus = new Xceed.Grid.Column(“STATUS”, typeof(string));
    colStatus.Width = 60;

    // add columns to grid

    // fill the dataset with the status values from the db
    myDS = GetStatusValues();

    // editor
    cboStatusEd = new ComboBoxEditor();
    cboStatusEd.DataSource = myDS;
    cboStatusEd.DataMember = “Table”;
    gcChroSet.Columns[“STATUS”].CellEditorManager = cboStatusEd;

    // viewer
    cboStatusVw = new ComboBoxViewer(myDS, “Table”, “name”);
    gcChroSet.Columns[“STATUS”].CellViewerManager = cboStatusVw;

    // now when i populate the grid from another method, I’m looping through the data and loading the grid values

    foreach (System.Data.DataRow myRow in myTable.Rows)
    // add items to gcChroSet
    Xceed.Grid.DataRow row = gcChroSet.DataRows.AddNew();
    row.Cells[“COMP_ID”].Value = (long)Convert.ToInt64(myRow[“COMP_ID”].ToString());
    row.Cells[“LIB_ID”].Value = (long)Convert.ToInt64(myRow[“LIB_ID”].ToString());
    row.Cells[“LIBRARY_NAME”].Value = myRow[“LIBRARY_NAME”].ToString();
    row.Cells[“REPORTED_NAME”].Value = myRow[“REPORTED_NAME”].ToString();
    row.Cells[“STATUS”].Value = myRow[“STATUS”].ToString();

    This is working as far as loading the grid with the correct values, but I have to click in a Status Cell in order to see the value in the ComboBox. Is there anything I can do so that they are all showing their values without making the user click the cell to see the status value?

    Thank you

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    I solved the problem by setting CellEditorDisplayConditions to Always. Hopefully this will help someone else.

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