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    I’m trying to create report styles to suit my needs, but it seems there is no report elements that distinguish mastergrid and detailgrid elements. e.g When creating a new report style, the element Column Headers applies to both(master and detail grid) headers in the report, therefore I can’t set diferent column header colours for master and detail grid.

    Also, Is it possible to set the detail grid columns’ width ? At this time, I am doing this in code, but that wouldn’t be a good solution as the user might want to define their own printing preferences.

    Once master and detail grid seem to be managed by the same elements, I am unable to set page breaks and keepTogether properties, therefore my report just does not look good at this time. I thought Groups elements could cater for that, but it doesn’t work in this case.

    Please let me know of a good solution for these issues.


    GenerateReportForm reportForm = new GenerateReportForm(this.grid,@”c:\stylefolder”);

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    Odi [Xceed]
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    Hi Lauro,

    This initial edition of Xceed Grid with built-in reporting does not provide specific support for Master/Detail. That part was left to an upcoming edition, whose priorities are mainly chosen by user requests and posts such as yours. Currently, this feature is not in the pipeline for a release in the near-term.


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