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    I am testing XCeed encrypt to encrypt data to be saved to a number of MS Access databases from C++ porgrams.   With the help of Andre at Xceed I have been using the XCeed examples from both the encrypt and Binary encode controls to prove the princiipal but have run into a brick wall with the ToString function.  No matter what I do when I call the ToString function I get error 80004003 back.  I belive this has something to do with the parameters being invalid but have been unable to pin-point the problem  Below is a sinppit of code which I hope will lead somebody to see where I am going wrong….

     IXceedEncryptionPtr piEnc;
     piEnc.CreateInstance( CLSID_XceedEncryption );
     piEnc->License( _bstr_t( L”your license key” ) ); 
     IXceedRijndaelEncryptionMethodPtr piRijndael;
     piRijndael.CreateInstance( CLSID_XceedRijndaelEncryptionMethod );
     piRijndael->SetSecretKeyFromPassPhrase( “This is a weak pass phrase!”, 128 );
     piEnc-> EncryptionMethod = IXceedEncryptDataPtr( piRijndael );
     const char* pszSource = “This is the data to encrypt”;

     DWORD dwSourceSize = lstrlen( pszSource ) + 1;
     BYTE* pcEncrypted = NULL;
     DWORD dwEncryptedSize = 0;

     piEnc->Encrypt( ( BYTE* )pszSource, dwSourceSize, TRUE, &pcEncrypted, &dwEncryptedSize );   //encrpt it

     //now do the binary encoding
     IXceedBinaryEncodingPtr piBinEncoder;
     piBinEncoder.CreateInstance( CLSID_XceedBinaryEncoding );
     piBinEncoder->License( _bstr_t( L”your license key” ) );
     IXceedUUEncodingFormatPtr piUUEncode;
     piUUEncode.CreateInstance( CLSID_XceedUUEncodingFormat );
     piUUEncode->IncludeHeaderFooter = FALSE; 
     piBinEncoder->EncodingFormat = IXceedEncodeDataPtr( piUUEncode ); 

     char* pcSource = (char*)pcEncrypted;
     BYTE* pcEncoded = NULL;
     DWORD dwEncodedSize; 

     //binary encode the output from encrypt
     piBinEncoder->Encode(( BYTE* )pcSource, lstrlen( pcSource ), TRUE, &pcEncoded, &dwEncodedSize );

     //now use the tostring function
     BSTR* pszOutput = NULL;
     HRESULT vTest;
     vTest = piBinEncoder->ToString(( BYTE* ) pcEncoded, (DWORD)dwEncodedSize, pszOutput);  //fails at this point with 80004003 error

    Many Thanks for your help

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    Do not use the ToString() method.  It was created to help customers using languages that can not handle byte arrays (FoxPro).   You can use the byte array directly (some methods in C++ will permit that) or convert it to a string via a custom implementation like in the following post :


    You can also look at our MemoryEncrypt sample, more specifically the BinaryToHex() method, to see an example on how to encrypt and convert the resulting byte array to a string.

    Under Vista :

    C:\Xceed Component Samples\Xceed Encryption Library 1.1\Samples\Visual C++ 6-7\MemoryEncrypt

    Under XP :

    C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Xceed Encryption Library 1.1\Samples\Visual C++ 6-7\MemoryEncrypt


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