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    I have a grid column defined as DateTime. If I attempt to set a cell to a value of 0001-01-01 (eg. 1st of January 0001) then the value displays as Null.

    My code is:

    c.Value = CDate(dataval)         ‘ dataval is a string variable with value ‘0001-01-01’

    At the end of this:

    c.Value is Date: #12:00:00 AM#

    c.GetDisplayText is “NULL”     (which is the value of c.NullText)

    0001-01-01 is a valid date and should display OK in the grid.




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    Hi Phil,

    You can set the NullText value on the Column so that it will reflect the minimum value. In the following code, the column will display your desired output.


                DateTime dt = new DateTime();

                this.gridControl1.Columns[“Column7”].NullText = dt.ToString();



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