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    We are currently evaluating two WinForms grids: Xceed and DevExpress.


    The redistributable files for DevExpress add up to around 10mb including the printing library, however Xceed is around 2.4mb which is making a strong case for our SmartClient application.


    I am currently converting a DevExpress prototype to use Xceed and have run into a problem with the SummaryRow concept. Please see the attached image before reading further.



    Person1, Person2 and Totals are all data-bound rows.

    Variance is the summary row.


    The user manually sums the values for Person1/Person2 etc and enters values into the Totals row. The Variance row shows the difference between the calculated sum of Person1/Person2/etc and the value manually by the user.


    I can’t find a way of setting a custom calculation rule for this summary row.


    With DevExpress this setup is quite straight-forward:


    Configure each summary item for each cell in the summary row and then add a delegate which will handle the calculation event.


     GridGroupSummaryItem summaryItem = new GridGroupSummaryItem();

     summaryItem.FieldName = “Name”;

     summaryItem.SummaryType = SummaryItemType.Custom;

     summaryItem.DisplayFormat = “Variance”;

     summaryItem.ShowInGroupColumnFooter = View.Columns[“FullName”];


    gridView1.CustomSummaryCalculate += new CustomSummaryEventHandler(gridView1_CustomSummaryCalculate);


    Would it be possible to make a similar thing happen with the Xceed grid?


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    The SummaryRow class does not provide a custom summary calculation, so this is not possible to do this.  You would have to use a ValueRow in place of the SummaryRow, and provide your own calculation, on some event like the ValueChanged event of the Totals row for example.

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