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    I am attempting to implement a different interactivity tool that is similar to the DataZoomTool. It seems like this is somewhat supported by the chart, but perhaps not full-featured?

    Using .NET Reflector, I have borrowed the DataZoomTool implementation and am moderately successful in getting my new class to work. This class is derived from ChartMouseTool and performs reasonably well except for the lack of documentation on some of the base-class functions i have called.

    My question is whether this is whether there is a better way to achieve this. I am somewhat uncomfortable using undocumented / internal Xceed functions and this code is succeptable to breaking when your next version is released. Are there any samples of how to implement user-defined interactivity that i can reference? Is there a better scheme than this that i should look into?

    E.g. I could also implement my own zooming abilities without using the chart interactivity heirarchy. Should i go this route instead?

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    Austin Digital, Inc.

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    You could probably use other methods to achieve this, however, we would not be able to guide you on this.

    As for the internal methods, you can use them quite confidently, for they are core to interactivity, have not changed, and are unlikely to change in future versions. Unfortunately, we have no documentation to provide in this regard.

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