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    I have not programmed WPF before.  I may be facing a project which gives me a good reason to get started.

    I’d appreciate some feedback.


    1. Project involves a 2D array, where each row has cells with: some HTML markup and some numeric properties.
    2. Rows are re-ordered with drag and drop.
    3. After re-ordering the properties in a number of rows are altered.

    The approaches I’ve tried using ASPX and WinForms have had issues, which I’d prefer not to spend time on.  (This is a quick project for internal use.)

    Can this be easily done with the Xceed grid out of the box?

    What references are there for this sort of work?


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    Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately, here is no built-in feature to re-order the rows via Drag’nDrop. This would require some coding, tweaking and as most people starting with WPF, a lot of swearing [:P].


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    Hi Marcus,

     Thanks for that.

     Seems that it won’t fit in with my intentions on this project (quick in house utility).  (No examples to learn with.)

    I did start looking at the control but couldn’t find the LINQ samples in the help system.  Not sure if they’re in there and my DExplore is broken in some way!!


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    I installed the grid.  Had some issues which you may wish to look at.  Here are some details:

    1. Installed on Win 2003 machine, 3GHz, server type hardware, with Visual Studio’s 2005 and 2008 installed.
    2. During installation noticed a long period where it was doing something with VS 2005.  Presumably installing controls and indexing help.
    3. After install examples did nothing when clicked inside Xceed help (MS Help 2).
    4. When fired up VS 2008 for the first time, help appeared not to be indexed.  DExplore ran for approximately 10 minutes (+/- 60 seconds).  It was no doubt indexing.  (Not done during initial install.)
    5. Examples still do nothing.  Extracted source and put into X/HTML editor.
    6. Help examples found in the source but not being activated.  CSS style sheet apparently loaded but js that toggles the expansion of help not loaded.
    7. By creating a free standing HTML page could then read the examples.
    8. HTML in the help not very good.  Syntax checker halted after finding 200 errors.  A lot of font tags!!  A lot of nbsp to get spacing.  Your HTML help editor may be creating flaky markup!
    9. Two versions of all Xceed controls seen in Toolbox within VS 2008.

    I had a quick try at modifying the LINQ query example (7).  Needed to use/import various namespaces and modify code.  Did not take time to run down all issues identified by Visual Studio editor.  This is using the so called .NET 3.5 (it’s really .NET 2.7 but the marketing guy’s messed with the name).

     As you implied earlier the state of the technology and supporting documentation is not yet ready for using a real example like this for a quick learning experience.

    Thanks for your time.

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